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Zambezi River work stems from my personal interest in how human lifestyle can have a deep impact on environment. For this work, I have researched extensively on the topic of rivers and their ecological health. This particular work started off as my curiosity for the Zambezi River in the context of animal migration across the African continent, inspired by the BBC documentary A Perfect Planet

Illustrated are just some of the most significant reasons that contributed to the change in the Zambezi river’s health in the past few decades, apart from general climate change. I used as a main research source the academic report Ecological Changes in the Zambezi River Basin published by The Council For The Development of Social Science in Africa, in Senegal, Dakar 2020.

Zambezi River was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2021, competition which is organized by The Association of Illustrators and The Directory of Illustration every year. It was submitted in the professional Science & Technology category. You can read my words on this work here.

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