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History is crucial for our understanding of both the past and the modern day societies. It can reinforce but thankfully also challenge the way we shape our worldviews and the way we position ourselves in relation to our fellow humans.

The royal women whose stories are narrated in this booklet hailed from a dizzying variety of times, places, and cultures. They spoke languages that stretch back millennia as literary forms of expression, or ones that are still primarily oral. None of them lived without contacts to the wider world: some of them were able to choose their terms of interaction, while upon others these were imposed.

Stories of the Royal Women of Africa is a self-published booklet (from 2017) that was born out of love for women and history. This was a project that I developed during my one-year artistic residency (2016-2017) at the Illustration department of The Edinburgh College of Art. It was a collaborative work between me, who designed the publication and created the illustrations, and Dr. Antti Lampinen who wrote and researched the text. Antti Lampinen’s research work focuses on identities and religions in the ancient world.

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