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Pass the Mic is an initiative that came to life in June 2020, in London. It is a platform that aims to
educate and support youth by offering mentorship, encouraging creativity and building a network for
those minoritised people who are up against the great challenge of reaching out to the creative industry.

Each month there is a brief set by Pass the Mic that anyone aged 30 or under is welcome to contribute with a piece to, using their desired mediums. The favourite entry is to be rewarded a one-to-one mentoring session with a person or a representative from certain sections of the creative industry. 

I did not qualify age-wise to have my submission considered as an entry, but was welcomed to
submit my interpretation of the brief as an exercise in responding to a set topic. 

‘Allyship’ was June’s brief and the question was for people to interpret what it might mean to them.
This submitted version is the first one of my two explorations of the theme, ang I felt it represented my thoughts and reflections on the topic best. You can check out my interpretation, and the Pass the Mic project on their page.

The way I described it: ‘Allyship to me is not a label on which one should simply sit passively, but something to be worked hard for. Tough and uncomfortable conversations with the close ones and strangers need to be had, as exhausting as they may feel. At the same time, showing humility in listening and learning, as well as doing the research work are both equally important. It’s a long term commitment to which I am determined to adhere to - being open to be proven wrong, as it is part of the learning process.‘

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