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My Type /Ο τύπος μου is a self-initiated project combining my love for print (risograph in
this case), type and the city of Athens. This zine collates imagery stemming from my personal photographic archive. The photos in this zine were taken in the first months of 2024 around Kypseli and Patision areas of Athens. They belong to small shops in these areas, either abandonded spaces or still functioning businesses.

I used risograph to elevate the colours of the city in an exagerated way and to play on the idea of layering beyond the printing method, as a metaphor for the multi-faceted qualities that the city of Athens, for me, has. 

My Type /Ο τύπος μου is my way of showing love to the small independent places that make this city a wonderful place. It is printed in three colours: teal, yellow, & fluro pink.

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