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Extra Teeth Magazine is an independent publication based in Scotland between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It celebrates experimental and exciting new writing from Scotland and beyond, alongside beautiful illustrations and design through the power of print.

For each issue, Extra Teeth have different guest illustrators who respond to the short stories and essays in their own way.

I was the sixth illustrator to work with Extra Teeth

Here is how the Extra Teeth team describe Issue SIX: ‘‘The twelve stories and essays within these pages ask what it means to make a connection. They explore our human fears and frailties; the way our families both bolster and damage us. Stylistically daring and experimental with form, they shrug off literary constraints and make a new space for themselves.

Featuring some of Scotland’s best emerging and established writers alongside their contemporaries from as far as Nigeria and Japan, Issue Six of Extra Teeth showcases the bold, brilliant and inspiring work at the forefront of fiction and nonfiction today, expertly illustrated in striking colour by Karin Eremia.’’

You can purchase this issue or bundles containing previous issues here

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