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Fragment 41 of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus says ’’The river where you set your foot just now is gone -
those waters giving way to this, now this’’ (in the translation of Brooks Haxton). Our knowledge of the past seldom allows us to accurately know the present; especially nowadays that we are more disconnected than ever from the past natural world.

It is common in Greece to see archeologists conducting field work. But beyond just describing the remains,
all the narratives we build around them cannot but be told from our own perspective - hence underlining our fundamental disconnection from the past, even when we think we know it well.

These two screenprinted works were part of a group exhibition held in Edinburgh in August 2021.
In the words of the artists who organized this show: ’’DIS_CON_NEC_TED was motivated by the need to offer an insight into the culture of those that have to continually adapt and adjust for inclusion into the rich heritages they find themselves in, whilst maintaining a link to the origins of who they are. The show aims to provide a platform for counterculture in Scotland to represent a side rarely seen - of those often disconnected from conventional society.’’

I drew upon both the connections and disconnections that my current life in Greece makes me reflect on.

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