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BOOKMARKS is an artists’ book and zine fair, organised since 2015 by Edinburgh College of Art’s Illustration programme. 

In 2018, Bookmarks introduced the Bumperzine project (’a zine in a day’), where all the stall holders at the event would contribute with an image (on a particular theme) over the day of the fair, which then would be risograph printed by the end of the day. Every contributor would receive a free copy afterwards.

For BOOKMARKS 2020, Bumperzine’s brief was ‘Displacement’; the theme was introduced as something that ‘helps us think about the possibilities, weaknesses and complications of the story of being human.’

In my role as the Graduate Studio Assistant at the Printing workshop (in 2019-2020), I had the task of designing and printing that year’s Bumperzine. The only difference as opposed to the previous years was that the zine was to be printed in advance of the event. The idea was to print extra copies in order to be able to sell them during the event. The money raised would be donated to Art Refuge UK. In retrospect, the choice of the topic of ‘Displacement’ gained even more poignancy when the live event of Bookmarks unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This did not prevent the zine from being sold online and from gaining favourable comments. 

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