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Athens is a series of risograph prints on the topic of the city of Athens. These three prints were part of my latest solo exhibition which took place in May - June 2023 at the Finnish Institute at Athens / Φινλανδικό Iνστιτούτο Aθηνών.

The exhibition LET ME TELL YOU... / ΝΑ ΣΟΥ ΠΩ... was a collection of works that spanned between 2020 - 2023 and while slightly different in technique or approach, all illustration pieces were unified by a few common threads, such as my own habits of daily observation in the city and of course my love of printing.

Many of the exhibited works had some cheeky winks towards Greek history and archeology. Some rougher and unfinished pieces were also shown. alongside more finished works, all referencing places, texts, or experiences that have stayed with me during my time of living in Greece.

These three risograph prints are available to buy on my online shop.
You can find them here ︎︎︎ Laiki Athens, Lemons, Filopapos 

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