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100 Days Project Scotland is the Scottish version of the 100 Days Project initiated by designer Emma Rogan in New Zealand back in 2011. Designer and tutor at The Edinburgh College of Art, Isla Munro, brought  this project to life in Scotland 2017 and with each year the participation has grown enormously. The challenge is to engage with creative activity every day for 100 days, and not only record the results but also share them with the wider social media community. 

I joined 100 Days Project Scotland 2020 in May. I have been working on small prints attempting to report on the Athenian weather forecast with humour and sarcasm. I translated my observations from the city of Athens or reflections in response to the world news, through collage, monoprinting and letterpress. From my balcony with love. You can check the full extent of the project on my Instagram page

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